Ups & Inverters

Our Dealing Products

Our UPS and INVERTER are custom designed and we will provide you a consultation on your residential or commercial  needs through phone. This means it will save you time searching for the product in the market. We will  provide honest feedback for your need.

Auto Voltage.

Each UPS has the overload protection and will accommodate incoming power of 150 through 250 from local power company WAPDA with no issues.


We use high quality parts for our UPS units including copper wire which is superior to the materials used in Chinese and some foreign imported units.

Battery Over Charge Protection.

Our UPS systems are equipped with numerous protection features to guarantee safe and trouble-free operation.

Our unit will not trip your Computer if you loose electricity . Your PC will not restart and will stay on.

We also sell and install the following products.

Voltage Stabilizers:

AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizers provide a cost efficient and reliable way to ensure a stable mains supply for your office and home appliances

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